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Wandering Mind Online Almost Live

or read Richard's scattered thoughts...

Mind blasts
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Richard's mind blasts in 140 characters...

  • 08:25 Got up at 5:30 and baked scones. House smells great #
  • 08:44 @daneofwar scone I've been up since 5:30. :P #
  • 08:45 @unclebear Thanks. My pleasure for sponsoring. It is for the long haul. :) #
  • 10:34 I am sitting in a movie theatre waiting for the first showing of Avatar the Last Airbender to begin. I have the place to myself. I'm worried #
  • 10:43 @irishspy I love the cartoon. I really hope this is not as bad as I think it will be. I should have ran when I saw M. Night #
  • 11:56 @fredhicks I have some at my house I do not use. You want them? The are loose #
  • 13:55 Ok, home from Last Air Bender. My review? It was crap. #
  • 14:59 @Bedrockgames Yeah, it is not worth it. I wish I did not go. :( #
  • 20:10 Second book down, one more to go. yfrog.com/fvv5cj #
  • 20:24 @EvilSnail Too? #
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